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Skylight Window Cleaning Wellington , FL

 Installing a skylight is one of the most effective ways to add some beauty and light to a room. Also, it brings in some fresh air, allows you to view nature, and even saves you money on energy bills. If installed properly, it can even raise the resale value of your home. However, cleaning skylights is not an easy task, especially when they are installed very high up.


However, this is not something you have to worry about - you can call us. No matter how high your skylights are, we can reach them and clean them effectively.


How we clean your skylights


Since cleaning skylights requires you to be very detailed, we have come up with a comprehensive process that we usually follow. It involves:


Gathering up all the equipment we need

Before we start doing any cleaning, we bring together all the pieces of equipment that we need. This usually includes buckets, long mops, rags, absorbent towels, microfiber cloths, mild soaps, plastic tarps, duct tape, ladders, a pressure washer, and white vinegar.


Preparing the work area

Once we have everything we need, we usually proceed to prepare the work area. First of all, we move any nearby furniture away and then cover it. Secondly, we place a tarp on the floor just beneath the skylight. This will capture any falling debris. Afterward, we mix the water, soap, and vinegar in the bucket and secure one of the dry rags to the end of a mop. At this point, we use this tool to sweep away dust, debris, and cobwebs from the skylight.

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Gently wash the skylight

Once we remove the now dirty dry rag from the pole, we replace it with a new one and dip it in the soapy water. We then use it to wash the skylight, starting from the top left corner. For better efficiency, we usually work both vertically and horizontally. And when we encounter stubborn stains, we work in a circular motion.


As for the exterior of the skylight, we can either use a ladder to reach it or use a pressure washer to clean it from the comfort of the ground.


Rinse and dry the pane

When we are finally sure that everything is clean, we rinse the skylight with a fresh bucket of water. To get rid of all soap residue, we usually rinse skylights twice. Once we are done rinsing, we use an absorbent rag or towel to dry it off. This eliminates streaking.

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Now that you have a basic understanding of our skylight cleaning process, it’s time to give us a call. Our customer care representatives are always available and ready to talk to you. They can set up an appointment for you immediately. This allows us to get your windows cleaned as soon as possible.


So if you have been debating with yourself on whether or not to hire a professional cleaner, it is time to take the leap. Just get in touch with us today and we will hook you up with a great deal!

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